Carolyn Burton

Carolyn Burton

Team Burton is great-always available to take calls and responsive to questions.
Denise Cosgrove

Carolyn and Jessica went above and beyond in the long journey to sell my home.
Madonna O’Donovan

Both Carolyn and Jessica were amazing to work with.
S. Robinson & T. Mecder

The entire organization was very professional throughout the process. Also very responsive to all situations.
Marilyn Bridges

Carolyn was very helpful with our new house. We lived in another state for weeks after closing and she helped with that and bought us garage door openers. Stan Fogg

Carolyn is a good agent, Yes I would recommend her in the future. Geraldine Conrey.

Carolyn gave me the best service that I needed. Kathy von Pohle.

Jessica was extremely helpful and kudos to the Carolyn Burton Team. Jeff Gorman

We so appreciate your professional handling of Mercedes’ home sale. She was so anxious but her trust in you made it much easier process. Thank you especially for all the work you did on the deed transfer. I was amazed that you could get the transfer done before escrow closed. The sale and escrow was so smooth and without any issues. You and your team are PROS! Paulette Gregg Schulte.