Thank you to Carolyn (Burton) and Cindy (Snow). Such informative and professional service.
Michelene Pease

" 707 - 10/16/2019

I selected Martie & Bob (Peck) because I knew Bob and believed he’d be a good representative. I left town before property was listed. Marti & Bob did everything and more! Excellent service & follow up.
Barbara Amantea

" 708 - 11/06/2019

(Bill Pavkov) Excellent. Keep up the good work.
Cecelia Calmes

" 709 - 11/03/2019

Kristin (Hamilton) was amazing. We would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling.
Janice Gammel

" 710 - 11/06/2019

Marti (Peck) was amazing! Took care of every detail and much more! THANK YOU
Sadako George

" 711 - 09/30/2019

We had an excellent experience with our agent and were very pleased with how the selling process went. Very happy and would highly recommend Paul (Fitzpatrick) and Sun Lakes Realty to our friends.
Susan Battista

" 712 - 09/27/2019

So nice & personable. Accommodating w/paperwork signing, transferring keys, etc. Carolyn (Burton), Cindy(Snow) & Marti(Peck) are top notch & fun to work with.
Joelle Leath

" 713 - 09/27/2019

I phoned Sun Lakes & spoke to Marti Peck. We set up an appointment to get started. She listened to my needs & found me the most amazing home in Sun Lakes. She has been amazing, great communicator, so personal and caring! I am referring all of my friends to Sun Lakes Realty & Marti Peck!
Cathy Hendrick

" 714 - 09/27/2019

Absolutely first-class service all the way. Highly recommend Charlotte Maté.
Carla Farley

" 715 -

Have dealt only with Charlotte (Maté). Want no one else!
Susan Clawson

" 716 - 09/23/2019

Charlotte (Maté) was with us every step of the process. She answered all of our questions.
Marydel Sesanto

" 717 - 09/13/2019

I love Sun Lakes Realty. Bill (Pavkov) and Carolyn Burton are the experts that you need to sell your house in Sun Lakes! I would not buy or sell a house in Sun Lakes without using Sun Lakes Realty!
Susan Drummond

" 718 - 08/26/2019

We are totally pleased with Marti (Peck) and will recommend her highly. She is amazing.
Melinda McNabb

" 719 - 08/27/2019

One thing I would have really appreciated when you have an absentee (or moved out) owner, nice if you sent them a copy of the Life Style magazine until escrow closes.
P.S. Cindy (Snow) was a jewel the way she represents you & took special interest in merchandizing & care.
Betty Harrington

" 720 - 08/23/2019

Charlotte (Maté) was excellent. Her assistance made the entire process easy for me. I would recommend her to anyone.
Yvonne Cepillo for Mary Jacewicz

" 721 - 06/12/2019